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Racers ALLVIEW™ Mirror

Adjustable Mountings &
Lightweight Design

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RAM™ Adjustable Mountings and Lightweight Design Creates the Appropriate Mirror View Angle
Enabling Racers to See from Every Angle

With its clear, crisp and sharp seamless full rear traffic view by revealing all lanes of a complete and uninterrupted rear road scene, the patented ALLVIEW™ Mirror System (AMS™) created the one-seamless-piece Racers ALLVIEW™ Mirror (RAM™) in 1992.

Today, with the combination of the “ALLVIEW™ Mirror built-in housing nuts” and the “ALLVIEW™ Mirror adjustable mirror brackets” mountings, AMS™ creates the adjustable mountings and lightweight RAM™ that no other mirror can claim. The adjustable range between the roll bar mounting brackets is from 7-1/2” to 20”, while the RAM™ housing and mirror embodiment (11 oz.) is about as lightweight as that built out of carbon fiber housing and mirror embodiment (9 oz.).

Providing the Appropriate Mirror View Angle to See From Every Angle:
Reflecting a full rear traffic view is one thing, but seeing the full rear traffic view through the mirror mounted on a roll bar from the driver position in a racecar is another. That is because the purpose of the roll bar was designed for rollover protection instead of for installing a mirror to enhance the racer’s vision.

A series of bars are bent and welded together into a contoured shape and then bolted directly to the frames. Hence, if the roll bar bending corner is located in and between fixed roll bar mounting brackets it places the fixed brackets on both ends of the mirror mounted in two-dimensions, which produces the improper mirror view angle creating blind spots the racer does not even know exists. With the improper mirror view angle while traveling in excess of 150 miles per hour and literally inches apart, the racer should be prepared for the worst. The solution is all done with the RAM™ symmetrical adjustable mountings.

The combination of the “ALLVIEW™ Mirror built-in housing nuts” and the “ALLVIEW™ Mirror adjustable mirror brackets” creates adjustable mountings with bilateral symmetry mirror alignment and operation that is vibration free, which places the AMS™ bracket mountings in one-dimension on the roll bar providing the appropriate ALLVIEW™ Mirror view angle, which enables the racer to see from every angle when whirling around race tracks without turning his head.

Driving Health And Psychology:
An object viewed in a convex mirror is distorted, which distracts the racer’s eyes impairing the racer’s vision feeling fatigued when whirling around race tracks. With the same object viewed in RAM™, racers experience no difference when compared to viewing with the naked eye.

Solid, Professional Restyling, Finish and Look:
The Racers ALLVIEW™ Mirror with its built-in nuts housing and mirror embodiment, adjustable mirror brackets, roll bar mounting brackets and hose clamps fasteners, making the race car and RAM™ appear together as one molded body, gives any race car interior a solid, professional restyling, finish and look.

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