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The ALLVIEW™ Mirror
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The Visual Distortion Created By the Convex Mirror Cannot Be Eliminated
A convex mirror, so-called blind spot mirror curves toward an object, making the image of the object viewed in the mirror both distorted and smaller than that of the same object viewed in a plane mirror. Therefore, reflected objects look farther away than they really are and cause visual misjudgments when viewed in a convex mirror. The visual distortion created by the convex mirror cannot be eliminated.

There Is No Distortion-Free Convex Mirror Unless It Is A False Statement:
The image-size of an object formed by a convex mirror is subject to its radius of curvature; the smaller the radius of curvature of the mirror, the greater distortion of the image; and the greater the radius of curvature of the mirror, the smaller distortion of the image – hence, there is no distortion-free convex mirror.

To eliminate the visual distortion created by a convex mirror is to eliminate the radius of curvature of the mirror. However, a mirror having no radius of curvature is a plane mirror. That is why a plane mirror produces a life-size image of the same object. Therefore, any claim of a distortion-free convex mirror is a false claim or statement.

The Use of Convex Mirrors to Eliminate Blind Spots Cannot Prevent Collisions

In standard rearview mirrors, the use of convex mirrors to eliminate blind spots is by trading off correct distance perception to achieve a greater field of view. Under federal law, the convex mirror must be indelibly marked at the lower edge of the mirror’s reflective surface with the words “Objects in Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear”.

Seeing from every angle is one thing, but judging distance is another. No matter how great a field of view the convex mirror promises, a driver will not benefit from crash prevention unless there is an officially proven and accepted methodology for resolving the visual distortion created by the convex mirror. There have been other problems associated with the use of convex mirrors that include double vision, eyestrain, and nausea caused by too much distortion.

The Patented AMS™ Blind Spot And Distortion Offset Method And Means
The solution is all done with the patented distortion offset method and means automatic and natural safety indicator, the ALLVIEW Windows Program™ (AWP™) through the patented ALLVIEW™ Mirror (U.S. Patent No. 5,321,566 with 55 claims).

Drivers when viewing through the ALLVIEW™ Mirror experience no difference when compared to viewing with the naked eye to meet the drivers’ field of view requirements the convex mirror cannot make. Now, here is what happens:

Through the full view ALLVIEW™ Mirror, watch a vehicle as it passes your car in your immediate left or right adjacent lane. The vehicle appears in your side window before leaving your rear window, and in your vision before leaving your side window, while seeing all lanes in your rear field-of-view that enables you to see if someone else is in another lane moving into the same spot you want, without turning your head.

Bear in mind, the eye acceptance design of the ALLVIEW™ Mirror for eliminating blind spots, double vision, eyestrain, and nausea is key to the utility of vision enhancement means. The ALLVIEW™ Mirror in combination with the AWP™ constitutes the distortion offset method to drive away visual misjudgments and guesswork.

The AWP™ shows you when and where it is safe to change lanes, merge and exit freeways, join traffic-flow, start road-departures and how to complete such maneuvers accurately and timely. This enables you to maintain your car’s position properly and safely relative to vehicles around your car in your rear field-of-view without turning your head, which helps to keep your eyes constantly on the road ahead when driving without having to deal with the distance and speed judgment of the vehicles reflected in the mirror. You drive beyond the visual misjudgments created by the convex mirror.

With AMS™ Can Save Lives And the Life Saved Could Be Your Own
AMS™ compensates for the limitations of human sight and complements the performance of the human eye, which visibly extends the driver’s vision into areas long assumed to be off limits and brings the driver’s visual capability once considered impossible to immerse in full awareness of his/her driving environment, making the above capability a reality helping drivers prevent car accidents.

The AWP™ safety rule is attached with the AMS™ product.

For visually assessing the extent to which mirror can eliminate blind spots on both sides of a vehicle at the same time, below is a side-by-side comparison of the same road scene:

The ALLVIEW Mirror Vs. The Standard and Convex Mirrors

The ALLVIEW™ Mirror Vs. The Blind Spot Mirrors


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