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AMS™ Model 1750


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Older & Disabled Drivers

Aging, Disabilities and Your Driving Safety

No matter what your age or any disabilities you may have and drive a car with adaptive devices, so long as your visual and physical capabilities permit you can continue to drive safely well into old age. AMS™ helps to compensate for declining peripheral vision, lessening ability to judge closing distances and traveling speeds of approaching vehicles, head-turn check difficulties due to decreased mobility in the back and neck, and relieves driving stress, fatique – all at the same time. For most people, their driver license account for their freedom of mobility and life of independence. AMS™ helps senior and disabled drivers conquer roads to stay on the road safer and longer, making their driving easier and safer by helping improve their driving skills, avoid car accidents and traffic violations, helping them retain their driver’s license.

As we age, our driving skills decline due to age related disabilities impairing our driving performance. Vision impairments occurring with age affect our driving safety and that of others on the road because reaction time will slow. At times, for example, cars seem to appear from nowhere resulting in imminent crash situations. Unlike farsightedness, these changes in vision as we age cannot be prevented or corrected by lenses alone. Physical disabilities whether temporary or permanent, such as those limiting cervical (neck) mobility can make driving a challenge as well as dangerous.

ALLVIEW™ Mirror for Your Driving Safety

Age is not the issue.
Impairment is
AMS™ helps older drivers stay on the road safer and longer.

Ability is not the issue.
Limitation is.

AMS™ helps disabled drivers conquer roads.

AMS™ compensates for the older and disabled driver’s:

•   declining vision,
•   lessening ability to judge oncoming cars,
•   head-turn check difficulties due to decreased mobility
      in the back and neck, and
•   relieves driving stress, fatigue – all at the same time.

“…for someone who is truly disabled, tools such as this can make all the difference between living and ‘having a life.’”

Motorway, San Gabriel Valley Tribune 2002

"I am handicapped and have been in a wheelchair for 40 years. Now, I really have true freedom and independence of my driving."
- Ted W., Diamond Bar, CA

Abilities Expo, Long Beach, CA June 6-8, 2003

Check out our successful run at the Abilities Expo in Long Beach, CA June 6-8, 2003.

Abilities Expo (www.abilitiesexpo.com), the one show dedicated to educating and improving the lives of people with disabilities, senior citizens, their families & caregivers, as well as healthcare and education professionals.


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